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Monday 21st February 2022  6.30pm 

 Redlands Sporting Club 20 Anson Rd, Wellington Point QLD 4160

YOUR marketing message is working AGAINST you? If you push, they are NOT interested. If you create attraction – they WILL want to know more!
About this event
Imagine this…

How exciting and satisfying would it be to know that every day you receive one or two quality enquiries for your goods or services… inquiries that convert into sales on a consistent basis.

No more frustration, anxiety and desperation wondering whether you have enough money to pay your bills and see out the month.

Wouldn’t it be amazing that for the first time since you been in business your marketing is actually working?

Now… if this is already happening in your business, wouldn’t it be great to have extra quality clients coming through the door?

If we could show you a cost-effective and simple way that this could happen in your business, you’d have a look wouldn’t you?

You see, marketing and business networking has changed and not for the better…

If you want to see this change in your business, then you need to seriously look at developing attraction marketing skills and stop doing push marketing strategies that are costing you far too much time, money, resources… and continue to increase your frustration and dissatisfaction with your marketing.

Come and find out how attraction marketing can change your business, increase customer engagement, profitability and business growth using simple and effective techniques that have been proven time and time again.

Join us at this local New Financial Year launch event at Wellington Point to boost your marketing and networking activities for a successful future.

You will have a chance to meet new and varied local businesses as well as connecting with familiar friends.

There will be a drink on arrival, cash bar if you want more, some tasty canapés, some interesting networking activities and a micro-workshop which will give you an idea or two that will change the way you successfully market your business forever.

The real question you need to ask yourself is:

“Do I want to continue getting the results I’ve been getting, or do I want to create the success in business that I deserve?”

Your success has always been in YOUR hands, so come and join other success-oriented people in business and let us ALL blast into this new financial year and create a better future for ourselves, our families and our community.

I look forward to seeing you all there…

REMEMBER – Please register early as there are limited tickets available due to Covid restrictions… and… also notify us no later than Thursday lunchtime the 11th of November, if tickets are still available, for catering purposes!

In the situation that this event is fully subscribed then we will notify you of an overflow event ASAP.

Please Note – This event is a face-to-face event and will be presented live at Redlands Sporting Club, 20 Anson Road, Wellington Point Queensland 4160

This FLOW Australia event features an extensive COVID safety plan and policy in place. To adhere to physical distancing restrictions there will be limited spaces available to attend the event this.

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