Why A Team Is Powerful.

When we think of business networking, we often think about the I/me when going out to network…

What most professional networking groups forget is that, it is not about the individual who engages in a networking system… it is about the member being part of a collaborative team… and their positive and productive engagement that generates real and profitable results.

As a sporting coach for many years (field hockey, volleyball), one of the lessons that I learnt early on… was that a champion team will ALWAYS beat a team of champions… and this also hold true in business.

When you are part of a collaborative networking framework that helps every single member participate and learn to develop their business, marketing and relationship building skills together… then the POWER of the TEAM creates a profitable result for ALL members.

This video explains WHY… in the FLOW framework, we do the one thing that other networks can’t seem to grasp… FOCUSING TOTALLY ON THE MEMBER AND THE TEAM… which always creates a positive and fun member experience.

This video… part of an interview recorded earlier… gives a straightforward explanation.