Can I Visit A FLOW Group

Business networking is such a critical part in the marketing mix for any person who is conducting a business.

Networking, is a skill that needs to actually be taught and people need to recognise that it is a life skill, not something as trite as simply handing over a business card and expecting a productive result (which seems to be the mentality of many people out there).

FLOW Australia, are growing a number of groups around South East Queensland, at the moment, and is not always convenient to visit a group, most reasons are covered in this video.

Unlike other business networking groups, we don’t have an open visitor policy.

What this means is that no one can just turn up.

To visit a FLOW group, you need to be invited… and to be invited you will need to see if you have anything in common with our FLOW Avatar –  to watch the video click here.

If you do… you are most welcome to see how FLOW can help you in your business.

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