Do You Fit The FLOW Avatar?


I often get asked what is an AVATAR and why does FLOW Australia have one?

Let me put it to you as simply as I can and give you the WHY as well as the HOW…

Our Avatar was developed as a consequence of our ‘WHY’… our purpose for existence… the FLOW WHY:

“FLOW re-starts the hearts of communities one business at a time”

We do that by putting together Business Units, which are a place where people in business can connect, communicate and build fabulously strong relationships, so that they and consequently the communities in which they operate can become far more adaptable, robust and successful.


Because this is at the heart of what FLOW is all about, we realised that like any business… we needed to identify our ‘A-Type’ client… the FLOW Avatar was born.

The term “AVATAR”… is our definition or construct of who is the perfect or A-type client for FLOW… if you will.

When the journey to identify the best potential members for FLOW started, I had to have a long and hard look at the whole networking landscape and make some difficult, yet hopefully smart decisions about how I wanted to grow the business.

During my research, one of the things I discovered, particularly because of my significant experience in business networking, was that current networking organisations didn’t actually work very well and there were two principal factors as to why this was happening.

Firstly, the majority of people who were involved in business networking were largely start-ups/micro businesses, people who had very few business skills, didn’t have many business connections and were in fact desperate to find new clients quickly to ensure their survival (that’s why they were joining networking groups)… too many of the networking groups that are out there simply look for and find… category fillers.

Secondly, we discovered that pretty much every one of the business networking platforms and/or systems that exist, hadn’t evolved in any way shape or form for over the last hundred years. Which fundamentally showed us the real reasons why the majority of businesses didn’t network and those who did, weren’t getting anywhere near the results they should, no matter how hard they applied themselves (largely due to a gross lack of real education in other business networking organisation).

So, I decided to apply myself to solving these two fundamental problems and create a better framework that would guarantee significantly greater results for the FLOW members…

The FIRST problem however was identifying who could be the ideal client… what did they LOOK like!


Then I actually did two counter-intuitive things:

1. I totally ignored the common thinking around what an A-type client was, and instead of looking at the “normal” indicators of business success, I actually went internally.

I don’t mean internally into the business, but internally into what makes people who they are, their value system… and I started to create a personal value framework that I, and ALL FLOW members expect our fellows members to measure up to.

What this meant for the team was that we were actually looking for people who are just like us… ethical, wanting to genuinely learn and grow, authentic, vulnerable, driven by a need to help others… people who actually valued other people’s time, knowledge and skills, and most importantly wanted their staff, clients and the greater community to be successful as well.

So, things like company size, dollar value of revenue, number of employees  etc… (which most people use to determine an “A-Type” client), simply became the tinsel and baubles that hung off a very robust and sturdy tree… the true value propositions of a person.

2. Some simple rules were put around the type of people and businesses that FLOW was going to grow from…


So now that the preamble is over, let’s get down to who the FLOW avatar is, and whether you are a potential member who can join the amazing teams of growing business units.


There are four key elements:


1. You need to be:

a.  In business for a minimum of three years.

b.  Or, in business for at least two years and have a minimum of three additional years experience in that industry.


2. Your experience, your actual business acumen is what we’re looking for. Members need to be able to help other members solve current business problems by sharing their real-world knowledge, helping each and every one of us grow our business through learning from each other as a boost for our mutual success. You must be willing to share this information openly and willingly with the members in your business unit (we are not interested, nor are we looking to find out about your particular intellectual property or “secret sauce” if you will), we simply want your knowledge and experiences in how you overcame your business challenges so that we can overcome ours more easily, effectively and elegantly… and help you do the same with our collective knowledge.


3. A FLOW member also needs to be  teachable. We don’t mean coachable (anyone can be coached on how to learn a new skill or technique). By teachable we mean that you are willing to test and measure and try the new ideas that will be shared around the table at our regular meetings… not all of them of course, as some may not be applicable to your business or industry… but certainly looking at ideas and concepts that can help you grow your business more efficiently, effectively and profitably.


4. Lastly, we look for people in business that actually have a strong ethical and moral compass. People who care about their clients, staff and the community around them, and want to see others succeed every bit as much as they want success for themselves. In fact, most of our members understand that to be successful, you need to help others become successful first.


As you can see our avatar is a bit different, and quite frankly not all that hard to step up to… or is it?


To see more… check out this video…


That decision is totally up to you…

If you feel that you want to truly change how you network and be involved in a group of like-minded people in business who only have one principal goal, and that is the success of each and every member within their respective business unit… then send me an email to – – with a request for an invitation… and we will be in touch with you within the next 48 hours…