The Times They Are A Changin’

The Times They Are A Changin’, classic lyrics by the remarkable music legend Bob Dylan.
Truer words haven’t been said for quite sometime… but here they are because the times they ARE certainly a changin’, and for the moment, not for the better…
This year 2020 there has been a very different energy, most of it being about fear, now and into the future.
Unfortunately for a great many this year 2020, will be potentially the worse year than any in recent history (just telling the truth and stating the obvious)… however it can be turned around… BUT only if you do something about it.
For those of us who are starting to see some shifts in a more positive direction, the realisation that were entering the beginning of a very traumatic economic cycle can be good news.
It is going to be quite a while, if ever, before we see significant changes in the world and how the government and press are dealing with and reporting things.
With this in mind Og Mandino’s words are more critical… “What you plant NOW… you harvest later”!
We all need to start laying the foundations or rebuilding the foundations of our lives and our businesses to get ready for the next major prosperity cycle (because it will come).
One place to start is relearning, or rather unlearning how we connect with people and build relationships.
So come and check out FLOW and discover how you might just be able to do this… and pick up my top five secrets to networking success (some will even surprise you). –

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