7 Reasons Why People Act Differently Online…

7 Reasons Why People Act Differently Online and why Social Media causes so many issues with relationships… both personally and in business:
1. We know we’re being watched, what is worse, we encourage others to watch us… “Oh what a web we weave…”
2. We can choose what information people see about us, despite the fact that most of the time it is highly sanitised and unrealistic.
3. When we feel comfortable online, we sometimes go overboard, because when we feel comfortable we get an unrealistic feeling of power and judgement.
4. Reading other people’s posts can make us less self-aware… this is a huge trap as we start to care more about others opinions than our own.
5. We care less about what our ‘weak ties’ think… or so we would like to imagine… yet when connections who don’t know us pass critical judgements (and they do), they send us into an emotional spin… despite the fact that our strong ties often support us.
6. It’s easier to hate online personas than it is to hate people in real life… a blatant consequence of narcissistic and judgemental behaviours.
7. We want to impress our colleagues and friends… which we can… but often times we alienate people because of our behaviours online.
Food for thought… 🙂

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