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“The Race”

“The Race” – by Dee Groberg

“Quit!  Give up!  You’re beaten!”

They shout at me, and plead

“There’s just too much against you now.

This time you can’t succeed.”

And as I start to hang my head

In front of failure’s face

My downward fall is broken by

The memory of a race.

And hope refills my weakened will

As I recall that scene

For, just the thought of that short race

Rejuvenates my being.


A children’s race, young boys, young men

Now, I remember well,

Excitement, sure!  But also fear,

It wasn’t hard to tell.


They all lined up so full of hope

Each thought to win that race,

Or, tie for first, if not that,

At least take second place.


And fathers watched from off the side

Each cheering for his son.

And each boy hoped to show his dad,

that he would be the one.


The whistle blew, and off they went

Young hearts and hopes afire

To win, to be the hero there

Was each young boy’s desire.


And one boy in particular,

Whose dad was in the crowd,

Was running near the head and thought:

“My dad will be so proud!”


But as they speeded down the field

Across a shallow dip

The little boy who thought to win,

Lost his step and slipped.


Trying hard to catch himself,

His hands flew out to brace

And ‘mid the laughter of the crowd

He fell flat on his face.


So, down he fell, and with him hope

– he couldn’t win it now –

Embarrassed, sad, he only wished

To disappear somehow.


But, as he fell, his dad stood up,

And showed his anxious face,

Which to the boy so clearly said:

“Get up and win the race.”


He quickly rose, no damage done,

– behind a bit, that’s all –

And ran with all his mind and might

To make up for his fall.


So, anxious to restore himself

– to catch up and to win –

His mind went faster than his legs;

He slipped and fell again!


He wished, then, he had quit before

With only one disgrace.

“I’m hopeless as a runner now;

I shouldn’t try to race.


But, in the laughing crowd he searched

And found his father’s face.

That steady look that said again!

“Get up and win the race.”


So, up he jumped, to try again

– ten yards behind the last –

“If I’m to gain those yards,” he thought

‘I’ve got to move real fast.”


Exceeding everything he had

He gained back eight or ten,

But trying so, to catch the lead,

He slipped and fell again!


Defeat! He lay there silently

– a tear dropped from his eye –

“There is no sense in running more;

Three strikes, I’m out, why try?”


The will to rise had disappeared

All hope had fled away

So far behind; so error prone

A loser all the way.


“I’ve lost, so what’s the use,” he thought

“I’ll live with my disgrace.”

But, then he thought about his dad,

Who, soon, he’d have to face.


“Get up!” an echo sounded low,

“Get up, and take your place

You were not meant for failure here,

Get up, and win the race.”


With borrowed will, “Get up,” it said

“You haven’t lost at all.

For winning is no more than this;

To rise each time you fall.”


So, up he rose to run once more,

And with a new commit

He resolved that win, or lose,

At least he wouldn’t quit.


So far behind the others now

– the most he’d ever been –

Still, he gave it all he had,

And ran as though to win.


Three times he’d fallen stumbling.

Three times he’d rose again.

Too far behind to hope to win

He still ran to the end.


They cheered the winning runner,

As he crossed the line first place,

Head high, and proud, and happy.

No falling, no disgrace.


But, when the fallen youngster

Crossed the line last place,

The crowd gave him the greater cheer

For finishing the race.


Even though he came in last.

With head bowed head low, unproud,

You would have thought he won the race

To listen to the crowd.


And to his dad, he sadly said,

“I didn’t do so well.”

“To me, you won!” his father said,

“You rose each time you fell.”



And now when things seem dark and hard,

And difficult to face.

The memory of that little boy

Helps me to win my race.


For all of life is like that race

With ups and downs and all,

And all you have to do to win,

Is rise each time you fall.


What’s Your Most Important Relationship?

It is interesting that whenever you use the word “relationship”, the majority of people automatically think of “romantic relationships.”

Relationships come in many shapes and sizes, for example; your relationship with your best friend, your relationship with your barista at your favourite coffee shop (I couldn’t resist), your relationship with your next-door neighbour, your relationship with your boss and of course your relationships with other family members and people who are close to.


Relationships are not limited to the “romantic” variety, but the most important relationship of all is the one that we generally give the least attention to, in fact in a lot of cases it is often forgotten about altogether.


The most important relationship of all is the one you have with yourself… and unfortunately, even though we don’t intentionally focus on this relationship, our continual negative self talk has a profound impact on who we become, how we act and what we actually achieve in life.


If you want to achieve any kind of success, improve who you are or start creating really good quality relationships with others, then you need to change the story you keep telling yourself. That story needs to have all the “can’ts, don’ts, shouldn’ts, and other negative words removed… and before you use that very old worn out excuse of, “I am just being realistic”, understand this…


THE STORY THAT YOU KEEP TELLING YOURSELF WILL CONSTANTLY DEFINE YOU… so choose your words wisely and create a positive, dynamic and powerful story that will re-frame your reality, your relationship with yourself and your relationships with others.


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Is Social Media Working For You?

One of the biggest challenges for the majority of businesses is the almost oppressive, time wasting inevitability of social media.

So called “Experts” would have us believe that you can use social media exclusively to deliver a significant ROI for our businesses.

I believe a lot of businesses are discovering that that is like building a house of matchsticks rather than a house of bricks and mortar to underpin a businesses success.


Old School Marketing (these figures are undisputed and have stood the test of time for over a hundred years).

For every 100 cold calls (email, letter (yes, snail mail), telemarketing etc…)

These are the average statistics:

Cold Calls –                       100

Positive Responses –       10

Actual Appointments –    3

Completed Sales –            1

Social Media Marketing

These are the average statistics:

Cold Calls –                       100,000

Positive Responses –       10

Actual Appointments –    3

Completed Sales –            1

Are there internet millionaires… of course there are… but they represent only 0.001% of ALL internet marketers

Yet they spend a great deal of time conning people into believing that you can be one too… sorry folks… you have the same same odds of winning a first division prize in any of the ‘lotto’s” around the world.

Don’t get me wrong… I believe social media is important…

But all aspects of social media need to simply be treated as effective, strategic tools in a greater marketing strategy…

A recent article by Lon Safco, This Is What Comes After Social Media, explains in great detail about how social media can actually work for businesses.


Social media and its components now and in the future are here to stay.

We as businesses have a huge responsibility in finding a balance between social media use, traditional marketing implementation and appropriate time investment, for our success, because, our success will have a huge impact on our families and the communities around us.

We need to develop a balance between “old-world methodology and new-world technology”

Because without that balance… businesses will continue to fail, chasing social media “pipe-dreams”.

Truly… there is no such thing as a Social Media Expert…

The landscape continually changes so much and so fast… no one can keep up, so find what might work for you and work with someone who has had measurable success in your chosen social media niche.

For these “niche specialists” are the ones that can stay on top of the changes in their respective social media fields and translate that into successes for their clients.


Another Weekend Bites the Dust…

Many of us have died… many more of us have been born… far too many of us are struggling in this thing we call life…


Life is simply too short to waste…


Today… more harsh words have been expressed than words of love and encouragement have been shared


WHY…? Because we have become too fearful… too complacent!


We live in a world where real connections are more critical than ever… for our success… as well as for our well-being.


Sadly… we have created a world where trust, authenticity, real values and true, honest communication have become VICTIMS to EXPEDIENCY.


A world where everything is done in meaningless soundbites… where narcissism and blatantly judgemental behaviour has become the norm… where people are valuing their uninformed and often worthless opinions instead of becoming truly informed…


Where REAL RELATIONSHIPS have started to disappear under the weight of this rampant onslaught on our lives…


Let’s make a promise to ourselves to communicate… write, talk, text (this is not really writing…LOL), sign, mime, hug or simply express with a smile… a word or two of encouragement, praise, caring and love to at least three people in the next 24 hours…




Because life IS too fleeting and a kind word of encouragement does more to lift someone’s spirits than anything else I know.


Be an ENCOURAGER for your life as well as for others… blessings… 🙂